Friday, September 30, 2016

31 TV Shows for 31 Days of Halloween Season!

Going cold turkey can be a very dangerous thing. You could suffer nausea, intense body aches, debilitating cramps, diarrhea… you name it! Now that Psychobabble’s year-long 366 Days at the Drive-In series has ended, I fear for your well being, dear reader, and to ease you into the come down—and through the coming Halloween season—Psychobabble will present a new daily feature starting tomorrow. No, you will not once again be required to watch an entire feature film every day. That would just be cruel. Instead you will merely be required to view a single episode of a classic TV show by pain of torture. And since you’ll be doing this in Halloween season, each episode will be themed accordingly with no shortage of vampires, cobwebs, werewolves, witches, tricks, treats, freaks, and geeks. Expect to expect only the scariest selections from the finest supernatural anthologies, the most spookily hilarious sitcom episodes, the most vile of the most excellent sci-fi and horror series, and quite a few cartoons. So warm up that boob tube and strap yourself to your electric chair, because tomorrow begins the terror and foul horror of Psychobabble’s 31 TV Shows for 31 Days of Halloween Season!
Also stay tuned for new episodes of such Psychobabble classics as Monsterology and 20 Things You May Not Have Known About... and other tricks, treats, and smelly feets.
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