Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 TV Shows for 31 Days of Halloween Season: Day 2

Series: The Addams Family

Episode: “Halloween—Addams Style”, in which we learn that yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Uh… I mean we learn that yes, Wednesday, there is a Satan with claws. The littlest Addams’s faith in evil is shaken after a crabby neighbor tells her there are no such things as witches, monsters, and ghoulies. Such a revelation could really ruin her Halloween, so Morticia and Gomez set out to find a true-blue witch to save the holiest of holidays. Funny, I always thought Grandmama was a witch, but if she was, then the Addams’s wouldn’t need to throw a spooky séance to contact their dear departed Aunt Singe, who’d been burned at the stake centuries earlier. The premise opens plenty of opportunities for the clan’s standard sweetly sick humor…and with its seasonal theme, “Halloween—Addams Style” is the perfect episode to consume during this most festive time of the year!
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