Wednesday, October 12, 2016

31 TV Shows for 31 Days of Halloween Season: Day 12

Series: Tales from the Dark Side

Episode: “Halloween Candy”, in which a man, tired of washing eggs off windows every October 31, forces his Halloween Scrooge dad to hand out candy to Trick or Treaters. The old man not only refuses but he dumps a goop of Elmer’s glue and mayonnaise into a kid’s treat bag. What a dick. Well, he pays for his dickishness when he gets a visit from a very real goblin. Makeup whiz Tom Savini directed this episode with exceptionally high standards for the syndicated horror anthology. The monster looks great, the editing and angles are creative, and for those who get bugged out by crawly things, there are some of those, too. Still, the scariest thing in this episode is the scariest thing in every episode of Tales from the Darkside: those creepy, creepy opening and closing credits.
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