Wednesday, December 30, 2015

366 Days at the Drive-In: Day 91

The Date: December 30
The Movie: Head (1968)
What Is It?: Director Bob Rafelson, screenwriter Jack Nicholson, and stars The Monkees put a vicious end to Monkeemania with an avant-garde pop movie that makes Magical Mystery Tour look like that Britney Spears movie. Micky, Davy, Mike, and Peter commit suicide, smoke hash while ogling belly dancers, blow up a Coke machine, degrade themselves in a dandruff commercial, get imprisoned in a black box over and over, whistle “Strawberry Fields Forever”, sing some other truly spectacular pieces of psychedelic pop, and ruin Mike’s 26th birthday by throwing him a 26th birthday party.
Why Today?: On this day in 1942, Mike Nesmith is actually born (and Davy Jones is born this day in 1945!).
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