Sunday, July 31, 2016

366 Days at the Drive-In: Day 305

The Date: July 31

The Movie: Kill, Baby, Kill (1965)

What Is It?: In an 18th century Carpathian village, a doctor investigates the death of a woman who leaped from a ledge onto a spiked fence. Suicide? Not exactly. The mystery deepens as a giggling, sallow-eyed girl appears whenever a villager is compelled to take his or her own life. The horror heightens as director Mario Bava piles on the startling images: creepy dolls, a swing-set mounted camera swooping over a graveyard, an op-art staircase,and a bounty of cobwebs, crypts, and corpses. There’s also a good witch and a living, breathing dead ringer for the grimacing corpse from Black Sabbath.

Why Today?: On this day in 1914, Mario Bava is born.
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