Thursday, July 28, 2016

366 Days at the Drive-In: Day 302

The Date: July 28

The Movie: Batman & Robin (1997)

What Is It?: Hush, foolish critics! Stop preventing curious batfans from seeing the Showgirls of superhero movies! From the opening shots that zoom in on Batman and Robin’s dicks and butts to the idiotic sequence in which they skate from outer space down to Earth on conveniently located debris to Mr. Freeze’s non-stop spew of phrases from the “cold” chapter of the Big Book of Boring Cliches to Uma Thurman’s full-force portrayal of Poison Ivy to her bizarrely offhand “death” scene to that shot of Alfred gagging to the trapped-in-a-Christmas-Tree aesthetic, this movie is terribly fun and fun in its terrible-ness. Of all the nineties Batman films, this is the one that most disdains the modern yen for darkness-for-the-sake-of-darkness and almost recaptures the camp glory of the sixties TV series. No, it is not nearly as good as West and Ward’s adventures, but it’s never boring, and unlike Halle Berry’s just plain bad Catwoman, Batman & Robin truly is so bad it’s good.

Why Today?: On this day in 1915, 1950s Batmobile designer Dick Sprang is born with the greatest name in the history of non-porn-star boner names.
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