Thursday, February 28, 2013

'The Who FAQ' is Officially Rough!

Well, after months and months and months of work, I've just completed chapter one of The Who FAQ. Not too impressive, eh? I'm a real procrastinator, you say? Well, smarty, chapter one will be the first chapter in the book (as chapter ones tend to be), but it's the last one I wrote. I now have a complete rough draft of The Who FAQ

The work, of course, ain't over, and there is still much trimming, expanding, and shredding to be done before my book is fit for human consumption, but the heavy-writing phase is over, which means that if I can muster the strength, I will soon resume regular posts about non-Who FAQ matters here on Psychobabble. But not right now. Right now I have to go and pass out for a few days.

Long Live Rock!

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