Thursday, July 4, 2013

Newly Unearthed David Lynch Video Interview from 1979!

In 1979, Tom Christie was a student at UCLA. On assignment for his television production class he interviewed a young cinematographer named Frederick Elmes and a young filmmaker named David Lynch. Lynch had just released his first feature: a little romantic comedy called Eraserhead. 34 years later, Christie has posted his interview on a little romantic comedy called The Internet, and it is an utterly fascinating time capsule. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to see Lynch discussing his most perfect film upon its release, giving a few tantalizing insights on its making and meaning, and reacting to a few reactions from critics. We also see the wildly varying reactions of an audience exiting a midnight screening at the Nuart cinema. Some find Lynch "inane." Others admit to having already seen Eraserhead eight times. Elmes says a couple of things too.

This is completely necessary viewing for Lynch fans and can be watched here.

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