Thursday, November 25, 2021

'Sinister Century' Black Friday Deal

From Thanksgiving morning until the following Monday, I'll be offering the Kindle edition of my new book, Sinister Century: A Critical Trip Though 100 Years of Horror Cinema, at a skull-crushingly low discount of 99 cents! Why should you spend one penny less than a dollar (or four dollar less than its usual "cover" price) for this book that surveys some 228 films from the first 100 years of big-screen horror movies? Well, check out this rave review from my very own dad:

"Interesting idea. Good writing but you underrate Edward Van Sloan."

                                                               -Ed Segretto

How's that for a rave review?!?!? So, order the Kindle edition of Sinister Century now for this limited-time, low, low price or get the paperback edition at its everyday low price of $12.99! Or, you know, use that money to feed and clothe your family. . . whatever!

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