Praise for 'The Who FAQ'

Here's what some people are saying about The Who FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Fifty Years of Maximum R&B :

Greg Barbrick of Blinded By"Mike Segretto really gets it all down with his book. The Who FAQ is an indispensable addition to every Who fan's library."

Brian Cady of The Who This "One of the best books I've read about The Who."

James Campion of The Aquarian:  "An unprecedented Herculean effort in putting between two covers the complete, and I mean complete, method, recording, performance, influences, films... and heretofore missing history of The Who."

Ginger Coyote of Punk  "This great book digs deep to find you all the answers."

Luke Goldstein of "Segretto writes this book as it would absolutely need to be done, with the passion and no-holds barred language of true fandom.  At times academic in the breakdown of musical notation and ability, the book overflows with the heart of a true 'wholigan.'"

Dave Jennings of Louder Than "Mike Segretto is clearly smitten by The Who and has done a fantastic job of channelling that love into this brilliant work which is basically all you will ever need to know about one of the legendary bands."

Hubert O'Hearn of By the Book "This is a Must Have for fans of The Who"

John L. Murphy of Pop "A mention of Segretto’s rhetorical range deserves its own moment. He can be funny and he can move you, without straining (much) for attention."

Bob Ruggiero of Houston "Here you'll find writeups on Doug Sandom, the band's pre-Moon drummer. Or how the album covers were developed. Or compare-and-contrast essays of The Who's rock operas to other bands. And abandoned projects, lost songs, milestone concerts and Who guest spots with other artists. Their influences and those they influenced. There's a lot of stuff here… That's the kind of info that makes The Who FAQ a must for superfans." 

Warren Saunders of "I’m a BIG fan of The Who, which means I’m certainly target audience for this book, but also very hard to please, which makes what this book achieves all the more remarkable... well written, full of insight and a fascinating sideways look at the work of one of the greatest band of the last fifty years.

Lisa Torem of Penny Black "If you’re a Who fan, this is essential reading. There, indeed, may be facts here that you already have under your belt, but you can loosen that buckle a bit, knowing full well you really are a genius. And if you’re a novice, you’ll get your mind blown after receiving a thorough grounding at a bargain basement price."

WMMR Radio: "The Who FAQ covers the back stories behind their fashions, album art, their personal takes on politics and religion, the group's individual musicality, solo work, studio rarities, key live performances, and compilations -- and nearly everything one would want covered pertaining to the Who’s first half-century."

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