Monday, December 9, 2019

Psychobabble’s 10 Favorite Pop-Culture Books of 2019

Psychobabble’s 10 favorite pop-culture books of 2019 cover all the bases of this site’s main obsessions: scary movies, geek TV, classic Rock & Roll, creepy comics, and David Lynch. Here they are…

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In short:Visual and textual fun…”

9. Face It by Debbie Harry
In short:It’s a gas to see that Harry’s style-consciousness is even at work in her autobiography.

In short:I’m not sure if it will spur Eyes Wide Shut haters to reevaluate the film, but Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making of His Final Film will give them some fresh insight into the seemingly impenetrable mind of Stanley Kubrick.

7. The Women of David Lynch edited by Scott Ryan
In short: “…most of these essays are accessible and enlightening…”

In short: “…EC Comics: Race, Shock & Social Protest is a book that everyone interested in comics history should check out.

5. American Comic Book Chronicles: 1940-1944 by Kurt F. Mitchell and Roy Thomas
In short:Because so much happened during these years, the storytelling seems to rush through the material faster than a speeding bullet, but Kurt F. Mitchell and Roy Thomas actually make the tale reasonably thorough, reasonably critical, and politically sharp.

In short:Maybe it’s no longer easy to hunt down an actual double feature in your local theater, but “Twice the Thrills! Twice the Chills!” is such a blast that it will likely inspire you to host one in your own home.

In short:Connelly’s writing is so lively and littered with humorit makes The First Star Trek Movie much more fun than the first Star Trek movie.

2. 1973 Rock at the Crossroads by Andrew Grant Jackson
In short:one of the best books of 2019.

In short:I doubt we’ll get another book about cinema history as riveting as Best. Movie. Year. Ever. this year

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