Thursday, January 10, 2019

And Now for No Other Reason Than It's Awesome, Here's a Very Special Episode of "Trackdown"!

As you regular Psychobabble readers know, Psychobabble is the home of retro pop culture, right? Here at Psychobabble, I love reminding you, dear readers, of why the classics are classic, but I also enjoy passing along more obscure gems from the past as well. I've never been a big western fan, so I was unaware of a western TV series from the fifties called Trackdown, but one particular episode that has been making the Internet rounds today is definitely worth a gander. "The End of the World" is the story of a populist con man who wants to sell a small town on keeping out "the end of the world" by building a wall around said town. Oh, and don't forget to take note of the con man's name! 

Enjoy this bit of totally irrelevant, not-at-all precognitive bit of twentieth century popular culture the likes of which Psychobabble has been passing along to you without political affiliation for the past decade! Cheers!

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