Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Psychobabble’s 10 Favorite Retro Music Releases of 2018

Now finishing out its tenth year, Psychobabble has gone full-retro. So the emphasis of 2018 has been on vinyl, and there has been no shortage of great reissues and deluxe editions of the waxy variety. However, there have also been some very worthwhile CD sets as well. Yet the year’s biggest thrill comes via vinyl presentations of classic albums by a decidedly CD-era artist. Check out all of my fave raves among Psychobabble’s 10 Favorite Retro Music Releases of 2018.

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In short:A splashy package, indeed, but the original album in its mono mix remains the uncontested star attraction of The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-HollandExpanded Edition.

In short: “…the set’s overall completeness and attention to detail are clear under any circumstances, and The Action are a band well deserving of such belated love.

In short: “…a quality live album and one of The Who’s worthiest archival releases.”

In short: “I was struck by how harsh BMG’s 1999 CD twofer of the first two albums sounded in comparison, and how much punchier John London’s bass and John Ware’s drums are on Sundazed’s new vinyl.”

In short: “…Universal’s new four-disc set covers the music’s various guises quite well…”

In short: “…only the saltiest dog would waste an excess of time complaining about the footage that is included on this long, long awaited box set…”

In short: “…bum tracks are pretty rare and Gathered from Coincidence ends up a mostly consistent and varied collection of songs from the beginning of pop’s most fruitful period.”

In short: “…the albums sound dynamic, expansive, and marvelously detailed.

In short: “…“The Esher Demos” is a very valuable document of The Beatles at work.

1. Matthew Sweet Vinyl Reissues

In short: “…there’s the exceptional audio quality that brings out every nuance of the album’s warm, grungy timbers without any surplus, unintended grit.

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