Monday, October 1, 2018

The Diabolical Return of Diary of the Dead!

Welcome to Halloween season 2018, and what’s more... happy anniversary! For it was ten years ago today that Psychobabble officially kicked off (the bucket!) with a (creature!) feature that would become de rigueur (de ri-gore!) for the next six Halloween seasons (scream-sons...OK , Ill stop now). After a little half-way-to-Halloween resuscitation of Diary of the Dead in the spring of 2015, Diary has been door nail-dead for the past three-and-a-half years mostly because I was running out of interesting horror movies to watch. However, in honor of Psychobabble’s humble beginnings, and our hero Dr. Frankenstein, I am bring Diary of the Dead back to life! So with a little help from suggestions culled from James Marriott and Kim Newman’s book 365 Films to Scare You to Death, I’ve found plenty of new titles for this anniversary issue.

So for what may be the last time, I’ll be logging my Monster Movie Month © viewing with ultra-mini reviews at the end of every week this October. I write it. You read it. No one needs to get hurt.
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