Saturday, October 6, 2018

Psychobabble’s 31 Favorite Universal Horrors: #26

Halloween season simply isn’t Halloween season without a regular dose of classic Universal horror (1923-1963). Every day this October, I’ll be giving you a steady IV drip of it by counting down Psychobabble’s 31 Favorite Universal Horrors!

#26. Murders in the Zoo (1933- dir. A. Edward Sutherland)

Possibly the film that allowed Lionel Atwill to make the most of his real life perviness, Murders in the Zoo is far stronger than its silly title implies. Atwill is a grabby creep who sews up the lips of the dude who’s been cuckholding him, spends a lot of time graphically groping his wife (Kathleen Burke of Island of Lost Souls), and sics zoo animals on everyone who crosses him. It’s nasty, pre-code stuff, but Charles Ruggles’s comic relief bullshit may be the most truly horrifying thing in this grotesque zoo.

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