Thursday, October 4, 2018

Psychobabble’s 31 Favorite Universal Horrors: #28

Halloween season simply isn’t Halloween season without a regular dose of classic Universal horror (1923-1963). Every day this October, I’ll be giving you a steady IV drip of it by counting down Psychobabble’s 31 Favorite Universal Horrors!

#28. The Mole People (1956- dir. Virgil W.Vogel)

Do not underrate the power of camp value. The Mole People has it in clawfuls. There’s an asinine prologue delivered by a “scientist” whose grasp on real science is almost as pathetic as our president’s. There’s Ward Cleaver as an archaeologist, an Egyptian cult that got their wardrobe at the supply shop for Santa’s helpers, and  the rubber-masked mutant mole people themselves, who probably rate as Universal’s most memorable post-Gill Man monsters if only by default.

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