Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Super Deluxe 'White Album' Is Coming According to McCartney

When an anniversary edition of Yellow Submarine was announced for this year, I expressed my hope that it wouldn't come instead of a commemoration of The Beatles (aka "The White Album") in the vein of last year's Sgt. Pepper's box set. According to Paul McCartney in an interview with DIY Magazine, my concerned were unfounded because there will be a Super Deluxe Edition of The Beatles' gloriously messy double album to mark its 50th anniversary this year. Of the set, Macca said, "It’s all in place, I’ve just got a couple of essays [to approve]. It’s all lined up and it’s really good." He mentions demos and a remaster and how "fucking good" John was. Read his comments in that DIY interview here.
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