Thursday, April 26, 2018

Audiophile Matthew Sweet Reissues Coming This Year

From 1991 through 1995, Matthew Sweet released three of the best power pop CDs of the nineties. Beginning late May/early June 2018, audiophile label Intervention Records will start rolling out Girlfriend, Altered Beast, and 100% Fun on 180 gram vinyl. Each album has been subjected to complete analog mastering from the original master tapes and will be presented as multi-disc sets to allow room for a multitude of bonus tracks. First up will be 100% Fun followed by Altered Beast appended with the Son of Altered Beast EP in July/August, and finally Girlfriend in October. All discs will also be released as SACDs "within a month or two" of the vinyl releases. 

Now for the track listings:

100% Fun

Side One

  • Sick Of Myself
  • Not When I Need It
  • We're The Same
  • Giving It Back
  • Everything Changes
  • Lost My Mind
Side Two
  • Come To Love
  • Walk Out
  • I Almost Forgot
  • Super Baby
  • Get Older
  • Smog Moon
Side Three
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Slowly
  • Breaks My Heart

Side Four
  • Walk Out (Alternate Mix)
  • Never Said Goodbye
  • You
  • Our Song
    Altered Beast/Son of Altered Beast

    • Dinosaur Act
    • Devil With The Green Eyes
    • The Ugly Truth
    • Time Capsule
    • Someone To Pull The Trigger

    • Knowing People
    • Life Without You
    • Intro
    • Ugly Truth Rock
    • Do It Again
    • In Too Deep

    • Reaching Out
    • Falling
    • What Do You Know?
    • Evergreen

    • Born In Sin
    • Ultrasuede
    • Superdeformed
    • Speed Of Light
    • Thing
    • Bovine Connection 
      Side A
      • Divine Intervention
      • I've Been Waiting
      • Girlfriend
      • Looking At The Sun
      • Winona

      Side B
      • Evangeline
      • Day For Night
      • Thought I Knew You
      • You Don't Love Me
      • I Wanted To Tell You

      Side C
      • Don't Go
      • Your Sweet Voice
      • Does She Talk?
      • Holy War
      • Nothing Lasts

      Side D (Bonus Tracks)
    • Good Friend (Demo)
    • Superdeformed (Demo)
      Teenage Female (Demo)

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