Friday, February 16, 2018

The Who's Famed 1968 Fillmore Show to See Official Release Soon

In a bid to capitalize on their formidable reputation as a live band (confirmed and magnified by their recent demolition gig at the Monterey Pop Festival), The Who recorded a set at the Fillmore East in April 1968 with a live album in mind. The set was full of high energy, humor ("Piss hooooole!") and beloved oddities such as "Little Billy", "Relax" (stretched to an epic feedback jam), and "Tattoo". It was also full of mistakes (a missed chord at the start of "Summertime Blues", some ramshackle harmonies in "Fortune Teller"; some cracked vocals from Daltrey in "Tattoo"; some disappearing drums on "My Way";some botched lyrics in "Boris the Spider"), and The Who thought twice about releasing the tapes. The bootleggers didn't think twice, though, and The Who Live at the Fillmore East became a popular unofficial property for decades to follow.

Fifty years later, MCA is finally cashing in on this valuable chunk of Who history. On April 20, the label will release that legendary set as double CD and triple vinyl sets. An official track listing has yet to be announced, but it is likely to include the aforementioned songs as well as "I Can't Explain", "Happy Jack", "A Quick One While He's Away", "Shakin' All Over", "My Generation", and "Young Man Blues".

Here's that official track listing. No "Young Man Blues", but there are a couple of new surprises:

CD 1
  1. Summertime Blues  4.14
  2. Fortune Teller            2.38
  3. Tattoo                           2.58
  4. Little Billy                    3.38
  5. I Can’t Explain            2.28
  6. Happy Jack                  2.18
  7. Relax                             11.57
  8. I’m A Boy                     3.23
  9. A Quick One               11.15
  10. My Way                       3.16
  11. C’mon Everybody     1.55
  12. Shakin’ All Over        6.55
  13. Boris The Spider       2.32
CD 2
  1. My Generation         33.02
In related news, April 13 will also see Pete Townshend's collaborative solo debut Who Came First reissued as a deluxe double CD.
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