Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Psychobabble’s 10 Favorite Retro Music Releases of 2017

Whether you’re a razor-sharp modernist or more of the psychedelic satin marching band-uniform type, 2017 offered quite a lot that should keep you smashed and blocked through the new year. Here are Psychobabble’s ten favorite retro music releases of this past year.

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In short: “…completes the task with an unbreakable parade of essential hits and powerful sound…”

9. Sundazed's Standells Reissues
In short: “Sound across all three mono CDs is exceptional.”

In short: “…the real theme here is ‘smashing music’…”

7. Action Painting by The Creation
In short: “…Action Painting is a lovely package of some of the sixties’ most brutal music. It may even be definitive.”

In short:There isn’t even one track that deserves anything less than a sincere ‘Wow!’

In short: “Talmy’s machinations were questionable to say the least, but there is no question that he cut some of the weightiest, greatest records released between 1964 and 1970.”

4. On Air by The Rolling Stones
In short:...it’s always fun and interesting to hear such well-worn material in any different light.”

In short: “This, my Peppery friends, is how to make a genuinely super-deluxe package.”

2. 1967-Sunshine Tomorrow by The Beach Boys
In short: “This new mix might even turn a really good Beach Boys album into a great one.”

In short: “If you’ve yet to discover the hidden wonders of Turtle Soup and the rest of The Turtles’ long-playing catalog, you’d do no better than starting with Edsel’s new reissue series.”
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