Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Psychobabble’s 10 Favorite Pop-Culture Books of 2017

Books of and about comics, pop art books, a book that fills some pieces into television’s most exquisite puzzle, and the bio of a man famed for his green cap and killer dip make up the bulk of Psychobabble’s ten favorite retro pop-culture books of this past year.

 (Each entry links to the original review)

In short: “…will get the nostalgia glands salivating.”

In short: “Illuminating and suitably visual…”

In short: “…a gorgeous way to pay tribute to a sci-fi picture with ideas and images that still instill wonder after forty years.”

In short: “…reading her cases for and critiques of these characters is like listening to a good buddy tell you what makes her geek out over cocktails.”

In short: “It’s a world in which every cat is super cool, every chick is ultra groovy, every color is eye-poppingly brilliant, and every environment is de-luxe.”

In short: “Eury covers the high-camp comics, cartoons, and other pop-cultural creations that preceded and followed Batman with jolly prose and eyeball-POW-ing images of comics and memorabilia…”

In short: “Hendrix’s prose… will have you rolling in the checkout aisle.”

In short: “A pop autobiography with genuinely interesting stories is rare. One that is also well written is rarer still.”

In short:The Final Dossier is Mark Frost’s satisfying conclusion to Twin Peaks for those who were unsatisfied by Lynch’s elliptical television incarnation…”

In short: “…there have been no shortage or reverent, historically conscious books to commemorate the Aquarian age. Groovy is the first one I’ve read that actually captures the full flowering fun of that period.”
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