Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Is There Another 'Twin Peaks' Book on the Horizon?

When news that Mark Frost was at work on a new Twin Peaks book to tie in with the series' upcoming third season, a common assumption was that the book would catch fans up on everything that went down between the end of season two in 1991 and the beginning of season three 26 years later. As I reported in my review of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, that was not really the case. 

However, I was just reading through a fan Q&A Mark Frost gave on io9 last October and came across this intriguing tidbit buried deep in the conversation: after a fan identifying her/himself as TheArchiv1st asked Frost if there would be a book set between the two seasons, the series' co-creator replied: "Look for something along these lines after the show airs on Showtime." 

I prefer to steer clear of anything that smacks of rumor here on Psychobabble, but this comes right from Mark Frost. Whether or not he plans to handle this mystery project himself remains to be seen. Keep watching those woods, though...
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