Friday, February 10, 2017

"Twin Peaks" Action Figures Coming...

She's dead. Made of plastic. 

Hey, who wouldn't want to get on the floor and play-act new North-Western adventures with a miniature dead teenage prostitute and a murder/molestation demon. Now we'll all get the chance to do that the very same month Twin Peaks returns to television. This May, pop-culturally-inclined toy company Entertainment Earth will issue the first official Twin Peaks toys. It is a pack of four action figures in the likenesses of Laura Palmer, Killer BOB, Agent Cooper, and the Log Lady. 

Yes, Coop does come with a tiny coffee mug and cassette recorder, and yes, the Log Lady does come with a tiny log. BOB seems to lack a knife, which is weird because he always did have a thing for knives. 

Once you've spent your thirty bucks over at Entertainment Earth's official site, you can start dreaming about who will be next. Audrey Horne, Bobby Briggs, Sheriff Truman, and Shelley Johnson, perhaps? The Little Man from Another Place, the Giant, that white horse Sarah Palmer sees whenever her husband slips her a mickey, and Señior Drool Cup, maybe?  A Leland Palmer three-pack featuring the multifaceted character with brown hair, white hair, and white hair and white eyes? A Harold Smith's Agoraphobia Dream House playset complete with secret-compartment bookshelf and mini-lady flipper and face-slicing trowel?  Start dreaming.
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