Monday, December 12, 2016

Psychobabble's 10 Best Retro Blu-rays of 2016

Several classic horror movies and a horrific comedy classic, and loving tributes to punk and pop’s most-underrated pioneers, made 2016 a very cool year for retro Blu-ray releases. These are my ten favorite blu-rays to see release this year. 

(Once again, each entry links to the original review)

In short:The Big Heat is extraordinary for the meaty, stereotype-smashing roles it allows its women, and (Gloria) Grahame is unforgettable in this film.”

9. Elvis Costello: Detour Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

In short: “As a new concert film expertly directed by Joss Crowley…reveals, Costello and his crew put a lot of thought into the presentation of ‘Detour’.”

In short:Bride of Re-Animator may be a slab of cheap-o exploitation, but it’s a great-looking one, and Arrow presents it with rich color and organic fidelity…”

In short: “Criterion’s new blu-ray edition of The Graduate allows many opportunities to be surprised all over again too.”

In short: “…as much as I love Price and the film’s satirical premise, I always found Theatre to be off-putting and inaccessible because of its ugly presentation on VHS and DVD. As I was hoping it would, Twilight Time’s new blu-ray has really turned around my feelings about the film.”

In short: “At its most fundamental, it is a 78-minute Twilight Zone episode complete with that series’ disquieting atmosphere, low-budget makeup and twist ending... It also works on the delicious level of so many early-sixties schlock shockers with its jazzy dialogue and stilted, amateur-hour acting.”

In short: “…an excellent presentation of one of the key films in horror’s maturation.”

In short: “…historically significant story, incredible music, outrageous humor (Cap’n’s tale about an exceptionally resilient turd will stimulate your laugh reflexes and your gag reflexes), and real emotion…”

In short: “The only things that are missing are chewing gum, lipsticks, and prophylactics. Shoot, a fella’ could still have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with this blu-ray.”

In short: “…The Monkees Complete Series has its flaws, but once you get past them, you have a gorgeously restored version of one of the very best TV shows of the sixties.”
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