Monday, December 19, 2016

10 Best Retro Music Releases of 2016

Overdue mono boxes from two true giants of the British Invasion, a collection of early recordings that shed a different light on The Bangles, and fab collections of British artists of the eighties are just part of what made 2016 a mint year for retro music releases.

(Once again, each entry links to the original review)

In short: “The fact that the mass of tracks on Another Splash of Colour do not merely copy psychedelia’s original wave but update it for their own age gives them a personality of their very own and makes them sound strangely contemporary today.”

In short: “…it’s fab that bin dives can still turn up enough killer obscure records to basically fill three discs such as these.”

In short: “Driving tracks in the Loud, Fast, and Out of Control bag grounds the collection... But it’s the ones that really go off the rails that make 61 Classics earn its keep.”

In short: “…Pet Sounds is an album that needs no introduction, so you probably already know everything there is to know about it. It’s beautiful, and it sounds beautiful on this 50th Anniversary set.”

In short: “…the styles are as diverse as can be…but almost all of it sounds like it belongs on the same two discs because the synths, uniformly thick accents, and sparse arrangements brew the various tunes in the distinctively flavorful waters of early-eighties British indie pop.

In short: “Despite the disparate material, The Move never played favorites, smashing out each number with the same brutality and professionalism.”

In short: “…this compilation of pre-fame Bangles (and Bangs, their original name) reveals the great band Susannah Hoffs and Vicki and Debbie Peterson were…”

In short: “…if you dig fancy packaging, a fine remaster of the mono album, a better crop of alternate mixes and version than were included on the 2002 edition, and some terrific demos— and you’ve got the money to burn— you’ll likely be happy.”

2. All the Singles by The Turtles
In short: “…these songs appear on any ‘Greatest Hits’ package worth its salt, but such collections won’t contain those bizarre flip-sides or such delectable oddities as the holiday single ‘Christmas Is My Time of Year’ …, the posthumous single ‘Why Would You Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret?’, or a wealth of Turtle Soup tracks in mono. Plus, the liner notes with ample comments from the band are fab.”

In short: “…these sounds will make you run like a cat in a thunderstorm, howl at yer ma in the drivin’ rain, and achieve complete satisfaction. ”
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