Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: 'Star Wars Complete Locations'

I'll admit that we Star Wars fans can be a kooky lot, but I'm still not completely sure I understand the ones who need to know absolutely every scrap of inane minutiae floating around out in its ever expanding universe. For example, a book called Star Wars Complete Locations gives fans the skinny on--I kid you not--how many days there are in a Hoth year (549), the population of Tatooine (200,000), what material lines the inner walls of the Rebel base on Yavin (sheets of seamed metal), and many more pieces of wack-a-doo and utterly useless trivia. 

Hold on though, hot shot. Don't fling Star Wars Complete Locations on the "out" pile yet, because like any Star Wars book worth the cover price, it's full of terrific, full-color images of the most photogenic worlds in the galaxy, and not just the photos we've seen over and over in all of those other Star Wars books. Complete Locations features a lot of really neat illustrations depicting cross-section floor plans of the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Death Star, Hoth's Echo Base (much bigger than I was expecting!), the Emperor's Throne Room, and all of the other spacey hubs that play major roles in the seven films. Many of these pictures have a delightful "Where's Waldo" quality. Hunt through Jabba's throne room and see if you can spot tiny Sy Snootles or Ree Yees in there! And unlike way too many books that take these enjoyably goofy movies way too seriously, there's a subtle sense of humor to Complete Locations too. Seeing the daffily descriptive caption "Jar Jar Binks thinks about food" next to a drawing of Jar Jar Binks eating food in the Anakin's Hovel floor plan almost makes me not hate Jar Jar Binks.

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