Tuesday, October 11, 2016

31 TV Shows for 31 Days of Halloween Season: Day 11

Series: Thriller

Episode: “The Hungry Glass”, in which vane Donna Douglas becomes so enamored with her own reflection that she is sucked into the glass. All who subsequently stand before her massive collection of mirrors suffer grisly fates. Young couple William Shatner and Joanna Heyes move into the woman’s old dark house, and much creepiness ensues. Douglas Heyes’s adaptation of Robert Bloch’s story smartly crosses time, giving us a break from Shatner and shrill Joanna Hayes and their contemporary setting to see how Douglas’s initial tragedy went down all those years ago. The flashbacks shuffle up the storytelling nicely, but it’s still the time spent in 1961 that provide the most unnerving moments when the couple envision ghostly figures reaching out for them from the house’s mirrors. Heyes only gives us impressionistic views of these figures, which play on the imagination far more effectively than the graphically depicted, and rather silly looking, monster from the earlier episode “The Cheaters”. The final minutes of “The Hungry Glass”, which entail a tragic mistake and a character’s haunting exit, creep me out as much as the scariest installments of The Twilight Zone.
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