Thursday, August 18, 2016

Original Cast Chips in on Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" Book

"Twin Peaks" won't be returning to TV until 2017, but we'll be getting our first taste of 21st Century "Peaks" sooner than that with the publication of series co-creator Mark Frost's book The Secret History of Twin Peaks on October 18. Coming the same day will be a 10-hour, 8-CD audio book version of the book that will include the voices of new and old Twin Peaks residents. From the original series are Kyle "Agent Cooper" MacLachlan, Russ "Dr. Jacoby" Tamblyn, Michael "Deputy Hawk" Horse, David Patrick "Jerry Horne" Kelly, and perhaps most interesting of all, Chris "Hank Jennings", who was not on the extensive list of returning cast members. Amy Shiels, James Morrison, and Robert Knepper, as well as two actors who apparently won't be appearing on the show, Annie Wersching and Len Cariou. No word on whether or not the author's voice will be among the talent, but there is an intriguing trailer for the project that you can watch here:
You can pre-order the CD or book version of The Secret History of Twin Peaks here:
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