Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Great Albums: The Special Editions

It's been seven years since I started Psychobabble's ongoing series The Great Albums. With last week's post focusing on my personal favorites disc of 1991, this series is finally beginning to wind down with only nine years left to cover. However, like a mini-George Lucas ceaselessly dissatisfied with my own work and high on my power to mess with it, I have begun revisiting previous Great Albums posts and "improving" them. This means a 1966 list with two additions, a 1981 list that loses one not-so-great record by The Who and gains a genuinely great one by The Go-Go's, and a 1980 list with fifteen albums instead of twelve and a totally new gratuitous scene of a Wampa eating Adam Ant. There will also be more radical additions and changes to the 1965 and 1970 posts that will make that song and dance number in Jabba's palace seem totally reasonable and appropriate, so enjoy the originals now while you still can.

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