Monday, October 26, 2015

Psychobabble’s Perfect Horror Rock Box Set Recipe!

Halloween is bearing down on us like a werewolf-powered steamroller, and that means many of you are planning to take the festivities to the psycho level by tossing your own holiday soiree.  You’ve bought your assortment of rums to make the perfect zombie cocktails and gathered all the bits and pieces for your costume (this year you are dressing as Fin Fang Foom and planning to marry the first person who can identify who you’re supposed to be). You’ve hung up all your cardboard Beistel decorations and patted yourself on the back for your unparalleled cleverness for deciding to serve ladyfingers. All that’s left is selecting the right music to set the horrific mood. Now if you could only remember where you left those scratched up copies of “Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater”… 

STOP RIGHT THERE! You are officially on notice for your lack of seasonal imagination (well, aside from the whole Fin Fang Foom thing. That’s actually pretty original). Don’t worry, though, because Psychobabble has enough imagination for you and all your guests, and I have selected 90 party-stoking tunes that may also inspire your guests to crack open each other’s skulls and feast on the brains inside (which should also save you from having to serve those ladyfingers). Whether you’ve invited a bunch of mohawked punks, calculator-toting prog rockers, pot-reeking hippies, greased up rockers, zoot-suited jazzbos, sharp-as-knives mods, hip soulsters, ironically inclined alterna-rockers, or the coolest kids eating mud pies on your local playground, there is sure to be more than a couple of songs to please your guests in Psychobabble’s Perfect Horror Rock Box Set Recipe!

As is always the case with these posts, Psychobabble demands—no… screams in your face while waving a poorly sharpened axe—that you burn each of the following lists of songs onto actual CDs. You cannot put imaginary MP3s into a box, and a box set has a box. This box will preferably be casket-shaped. As you will notice, each disc is divided by theme: Monsters on Disc One, Ghosts & Devils on Disc Two, Psycho Killers on Disc Three, and Fear, Nightmares, & Death on Disc Four. No artist has been repeated, which means only one track each from such devoted horror rockers as The Damned and The Misfits. I also don’t want to hear any shit from you Alice Cooper fans. I’m not in the mood and I’m still waving that axe.

So without any further jive, get digging through your bins and ready to start burning some discs. 


This is normally the place where I’d tell you all the albums you’d need to make the following discs. That does not make much sense in this case since we’re making a various artists box set. I’ll just leave it up to you to hunt down all the necessary discs. You’re not actually going to make this box set anyway.


Disc One: Monsters
Disc Two: Ghosts & Devils
Disc Three: Psycho Killers
Disc Four: Fear, Nightmares, & Death

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