Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'Lambert & Stamp' Coming to Blu-Ray on August 18... with a Bunch of Cool Who Extras!

While there's no shortage of Who material from the seventies and even the eighties on home video, the sixties seems limited to snippets in career-spanning docs like The Kids Are Alright and Amazing Journey. So it's exciting to see that Sony Home Entertainment's upcoming blu-ray release of Lambert & Stamp, James D. Cooper's documentary about the band's eccentric managerial team, will include some very cool mid-sixties bonus features. From 1967 comes Timo Aarniala's 16-minute short 'The Who in Finland', shot during their jaunt to Helsinki on April 30 that year. There is a mysterious "promotional film" from that year, which may be the one that shows them recording "Pictures of Lily". The footage from "Where the Action Is" is either from their March 18, 1966, taping or their June 26 one, or ideally, both. Finally, there's the "Call Me Lightning" promo video, famous from its appearance with a soundtrack of "Cobwebs and Strange" in The Kids Are Alright. Additional bonuses include a commentary and Q&A with Cooper.

Lambert & Stamp comes to blu-ray on August 18. Pre-order now on Amazon.com here:

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