Monday, March 30, 2015

Adam West and Burt Ward to Return to Gotham... as Cartoon Crime Fighters

First we learned Kyle MacLachlan would slip back into his black FBI agent suit and return to "Twin Peaks". Then we discovered Duchovny and Anderson would re-don their own ones and start thumbing through "The X-Files" again. And at some point we also learned that Craig T. Nelson would be slipping into his "Coach" socks again for some unknown and horrible reason. Now it seems TV's original Dynamic Duo will also be getting in on the action, though in a slightly different way. While the aforementioned actors and actress will be returning to the small screen in limited run series, Adam West and Burt Ward will be lending their Bat voices to an animated feature film that will hopefully recapture the distinctive flavor of William Dozier's mid-sixties "Batman" series. West and Ward announced the big news at the Mad Monster Party convention, and you can watch them do it right here.
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