Monday, December 8, 2014

Psychobabble’s 10 Best Home Video Releases of 2014

The blu-ray revolution has been in effect for quite some time now, so it’s a bit weird—and not good weird like a David Lynch movie—that so little of David Lynch’s work had been available in hi-def in the U.S. That changed in 2014 when the back catalogue of our greatest living filmmaker started getting blu-ray releases. There have been a few technical glitches along the way, but these have mostly been stunning treatments of some of the most stunning film and TV of the twentieth century. American Lynch freaks are not the only fans who’ve had to be patient. Another of this year’s best releases was even longer overdue.

Not every great home video release of 2014 had some sort of historical significance, but it has been a pretty knock out year for those of us who’ve had to sit tight. Seeing my all-time favorite film and my all-time favorite TV show come to blu-ray this year was a groove. It might take a hi-def release of the original Star Wars trilogy to come close to 2014 in terms of home video releases. I personally doubt there’s any way to top it, though.

As was the case with last week’s Best Books of 2014 list, each item below links to the original review.

In short: “The poor video quality actually didn’t do much to affect my enjoyment of this disc though. I guess a good concert is a good concert.”

In short: “It looks sufficiently vibrant even though this is one of the darkest Hammer films.”

In short: “…the new edition of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is well worth checking out for its vastly superior picture quality.”

In short: “I have never seen another film that looks like When the Wind Blows.”

In short: “...if this is the best we’re ever going to get Wild at Heart on home video, I have no complaints.”

In short: “…a surprising and satisfying release.

In short: “…a new Blu-ray/DVD combo that delivers high quality in both the video/audio department and the extras.”

In short: “It's the gorgeously restored presentation of one of the best series of the sixties that makes this a must own.”

In short: Eraserhead is my favorite movie, and I’m thrilled with this new disc.”

In short: “…we'll be focusing on how these main features of "The Entire Mystery" measure up quality wise. If I had to sum it up in a couple of words, I'd choose 'holy' and 'shit'...”
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