Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Note to Psychobabble Subscribers

As the insidious cretins known as Spammers continue to figure out ways to drop penis enlargement adverts and confidential messages from rich African princes into your inbox, email providers continue to tighten up their restrictions on what constitutes spam. This is generally a good thing, but it also means that legit messages can also get slapped with the spam label. That includes your old pal and non-insidious cretin Psychobabble. 

Lately I've noticed that Psychobabble subscription updates have been going to my spam folder no matter how many times I mark the messages as "not spam." This is probably because the email address sending these updates includes the phrase "no reply", which aside from being the title of my favorite early Beatles song is also a favorite of spammers. My updates also include such other nasty red flags as photos, links, and in the case of this particular post, 652 uses of the word "spam."

So if you're a subscriber and have not been receiving your precious, precious Psychobabble updates, be sure to always check your spam folder for all the latest news, reviews, features, and things that are definitely not spam about all the oldest Rock & Roll, cult flicks, and horror pics.

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