Monday, May 12, 2014

Dylan Makes U.S. Debut at NYC Art Gallery

Bob Dylan's side line as an artist has been known for decades with his work featuring on album covers such as The Band's Music from Big Pink and his own Self Portrait. Now you can see--and if you're sufficiently loaded, purchase--originals of the man's work. The Ross Art Gallery in Manhattan is currently hosting the "Drawn Blank Series" featuring forty pieces of Dylan drawings and water color and acrylic paintings. The pieces range from $2,500 to $400,000, so don't forget to bring your piggy bank. According to, "A portion of proceeds will go towards leukemia, cancer and AIDS research."

This is not the first time Dylan's art work has been displayed publicly. In 2007, they were on show in Germany. However, this is the first time the singer's home country has hosted his work.

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