Friday, April 4, 2014

Win a Signed Copy of 'The Who FAQ'!

UPDATE: There is a winner among us...congratulations, Wardo! Your signed copy of The Who FAQ is coming at you.

Incidentally, if you feel like falling down an Internet rabbit hole for a few hours (or days), check out Wardo's record-review blog Everybody's Dummy. That's what I plan on doing until the baby wakes up...
I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can now win your very own copy of my new book The Who FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Fifty Years of Maximum R&B. The bad news is that it's signed by me, which will make it a lot harder to sell on ebay.

Now this is no jive-ass giveaway that requires nothing of you. It is a straight-up trivia challenge that requires maximum knowledge about The Who...or at least the ability to perform a few very simple google searches. As you may or may not know, one of the gimmicks of Back Beat's FAQ series is that every chapter in every book uses a snatch of lyric for a title. Since my book is about The Who, I chose Who lyrics for chapter titles. Makes sense, right? Well, below you will find find five bits of lyric that function as titles of five of the chapters in The Who FAQ. First Wholigan to identify the five songs from which each lyric is taken wins the book! 

And now, the lyrics:

1. "A little thread" 
2. "Inside, outside"
3. "All mixed up"
4. "Come to this house"
5. "We talk so much shit behind each other's backs"

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