Thursday, December 5, 2013

Psychobabble’s 800th Post Extravaganza!

When I started casually “blogging” (man oh man, I hate that word…it sounds like a euphemism for throwing up) about my Halloween season movie-watching habits five years ago I had no clue where Psychobabble would lead me. Since then I’ve learned that members of some of my favorite bands (The Attractions! Guided by Voices! The Kinks!) have personally perused my site, gotten a book deal, and had the opportunity to work with Dave Davies!
 What is Psychobabble? It's this.

Those were the big moments, but I’ve gotten just as much of a kick out of writing all this crap and especially getting feedback from some of the wonderful folks who’ve stroked my ego by reading it. Such regular readers as DavidT, pete, Fernanda Galli, Ed Stephan, Paul ’66, Harvest Glen, Harold Lepidus, ed in fl, William Chace, wardo, Paul Daveluy, and my personal buddies Jeffrey D. and Steve Mirek (who both helped out with The Who FAQ), Matt Herzog, Jim Courtney, John McCarron, Rebecca G. Wilson (who introduced me to Dave Davies…thanks again for that!), and Robert Rodriguez (the great Fab Four chronicler who got me the gig writing The Who FAQ) have thrilled me with their intelligent and gracious comments here and on the facebooks. With new installments of such features as Track by Track and The Great Albums in the works—as well as a new one tentatively called "The Beatles in America" (I think I need a catchier title)— I hope to continue communicating with readers old and new as Psychobabble bounds past this  800th post and into 2014.

For those of you who are new to Psychobabble, here are a few of my personal favorite posts that might be good places to get started psychobabbling:

150 Essential Horror Movies (includes links to specific posts) 
Diary of the Dead (includes links to specific posts)
The Great Albums (includes links to specific posts) 
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