Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beatles Capitol-Era Box Set Coming Soon!

Those of us who grew up in America and on Capitol's sliced and diced versions of The Beatles' albums had to acclimate to very different albums when the proper Parlophone discs replaced them in the mid-eighties. Naturally, the British versions were the albums John, Paul, George, and Ringo intended us to hear, but that's no balm for nostalgia pains. We old Americans got a couple of teasing tastes of those records we knew and loved with CD boxes of The Capitol Albums in 2004 and 2006, but Capitol never finished the story. Well, they are now in a big way with The U.S. Albums, a thirteen-disc set that should satisfy every Yankee Beatlemaniac. All five non-compilations that missed those two volumes of The Capitol Albums will be included in mono and stereo incarnations.
The U.S. Albums is coming on January 21, 2014, as are stand-alone CD releases of each album (purchase links for each one follow), and can be pre-ordered on now here:

The set will include:

Meet The Beatles (The U.S. Album)
The Beatles' Second Album (The U.S. Album)
A Hard Day's Night [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (The U.S. Album)
Something New (The U.S. Album)
The Beatles' Story (only available in box set)
Beatles '65 (The U.S. Album)
The Early Beatles (The U.S. Album)
Beatles VI (The U.S. Album)
Help! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (The U.S. Album)
Rubber Soul (The U.S. Album)
Yesterday And Today (The U.S. Album) (with Butcher sleeve concealed under the released cover!)
Revolver (The U.S. Album)
Hey Jude (The U.S. Album)
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