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'The Monkees Present' Deluxe Box Set Coming This Summer

After a year-and-a-half delay, Rhino Records will be continuing its handmade deluxe series of Monkees reissues on (tentatively) July 30 with a three-disc box set featuring The Monkees Present. The Monkees' last LP to feature Mike Nesmith was originally intended to be a sort of Ummagumma with each band member controlling a side of a double LP. Peter Tork's departure in early 1969 put the kibosh on that concept. Instead, we got a single album with an even number of tracks sung by Mike, Micky and Davy interspersed throughout. Most of the album was a strong mesh of Jones's adult contemporary pop, Nesmith's country rock, and Dolenz's blues and loungy jazz.  However, like most of The Monkees albums after Chip Douglas lost the producer's seat, the assemblage was flawed, as it included a couple of old Davy Jones-sung tracks (one of which being the unbearable novelty "Ladies Aid Society") when newer, better material was available.

Along with the original album, Rhino's triple disc box will showcase that plethora of outtakes. Many of them have been released on the Missing Links collections and the expanded Monkees CDs from the '90s, but titles such as "Down the Highway," "How Can I Tell You," "Thank You My Friend," "Opening Night," "Lynn Harper," "A Bus That Never Comes," "Omega," "13 Is Not Our Lucky Number," "Little Tommy Blues," and "Till Then" have not been previously released (before you get too excited, though, most of these are just backing tracks).

The set is limited to 5,000 units and includes a bonus vinyl 7" of an alternate mix of "Good Clean Fun" backed with "Mommy and Daddy" in mono. Once again, Andrew Sandoval is the producer and annotator. 

You can pre-order The Monkees Present (deluxe) now at The Monkees Store here. Here's the complete track list:
1 Little Girl
2 Good Clean Fun
3 If I Knew
4 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
5 Never Tell A Woman Yes
6 Looking For The Good Times
7 Ladies Aid Society
8 Listen To The Band (fake stereo mix)
9 French Song
10 Mommy And Daddy
11 Oklahoma Backroom Dancer
12 Pillow Time
13 Time And Time Again (November 1969 stereo mix)
14 Down The Highway (November 1969 stereo mix)
15 Steam Engine (November 1969 stereo mix)
16 If You Have The Time (November 1969 stereo mix)
17 Angel Band (November 1969 stereo mix)
18 Rose Marie (November 1969 stereo mix)
19 I Never Thought It Peculiar (No strings & backing vocals - August 1969)
20 Of You (November 1969 stereo mix)
21 Kicking Stones (1969 mix)
22 If I Knew (Bill & Davy's stereo mix)
23 The Crippled Lion (November 1969 stereo mix)
24 My Storybook Of You (Tommy & Bobby's stereo mix)
25 Carlisle Wheeling (November 1969 stereo mix)
26 French Song (LP master with alternate ending - stereo)
27 Hollywood (stereo)
28 My Storybook Of You ("New" 1969 stereo mix)
29 Circle Sky ("New" 1969 stereo mix)
30 Kool Aid spot

1 The Monkees Present radio spot
2 If I Knew (TV Mix mono)
3 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (mono)
4 Looking For The Good Times (mono)
5 Ladies Aid Society (1969 mono mix)
6 Listen To The Band (single mix)
7 French Song (TV mix mono)
8 Mommy & Daddy (1969 mono mix)
9 Circle Sky (1969 "New" mono mix)
10 Penny Music (TV mix mono)
11 Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears (1969 mono mix)
12 Of You (1969 mono mix)
13 I Never Thought It Peculiar (1969 mono mix without overdubs)
14 Kicking Stones (1969 mono mix)
15 Listen To The Band (LP version true mono mix)
16 If You Have The Time (1969 mono mix without Moog)
17 Midnight Train (TV mix mono)
18 My Storybook Of You (mono)
19 Steam Engine (1969 rough stereo mix)
20 Time And Time Again (November 1969 mono mix)
21 Mommy & Daddy (7/1/69) stereo mix 3
22 I Never Thought It Peculiar (September 1969 mono mix with overdubs)
23 Bye Bye Baby Bye (July 1969 stereo mix)
24 If You Have The Time (1969 mono mix with Moog)
25 Mommy & Daddy (7/2/69) stereo mix
26 Time And Time Again (November 1969 alternate mono mix)
27 Monkees Greatest Hits radio spot

1 Little Girl (take 7)
2 Calico Girlfriend
3 If I Knew (take 11)
4 You're So Good (alternate mix)
5 Little Red Rider (alternate mix)
6 If You Have The Time (take 4)
7 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (take 12)
8 Listen To The Band (alternate stereo mix)
9 French Song (take 3)
10 Mommy And Daddy (May 13, 1969 stereo mix 9)
11 How Insensitive
12 Pillow Time (Takes 8 & 9)
13 How Can I Tell You
14 Thank You My Friend (backing track - take 4)
15 Time And Time Again (take 1)
16 Good Afternoon (take 14)
17 Opening Night
18 Lynn Harper (backing track - take 8)
19 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (take 18)
20 The Good Earth (alternate take)
21 London Bridge (backing track - take 4)
22 Music Bridge "We'll Be Back In A Minute" (version three)
23 A Bus That Never Comes (backing track - take 9)
24 Omega (backing track - take 8)
25 13 Is Not Our Lucky Number (backing track)
26 Michigan Blackhawk (backing track - take 4)
27 Little Tommy Blues (backing track - take 5)
28 Till Then (backing track - take 2)

A Good Clean Fun (alternate mix with extra percussion)
B Mommy & Daddy (7/10/69) mono mix
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