Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pre-Order the "Twin Peaks" Yearbook

Oh, that class of 1989. What a colorful crew of sensitive bikers, jock delinquents, and cherry stem-knotting tongues. Too bad about the prom queen getting murdered and wrapped in plastic, but let's focus on the good times in the pages of the upcoming Twin Peaks Year Book! This fan-made item will be arriving 24 years late to commemorate Twin Peaks Fest 2013. Whether or not you can make it up north to North Bend, Washington, for this year's fest from August 2nd - 4th, you can get yourself a Twin Peaks Year Book for a very reasonably priced $15. What's more, you can get your own cherry-stem knotting mug in its pages by submitting your own high school photo to the masterminds behind this funky piece of merch right here. After all, "I'm a jack and you're a jack, and Steeplejacks are we..."

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