Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Book Coming from Ray Davies This October (Includes Pre-order Info)

Make a note in your Autumn Almanac: this October 1, Sterling Publishing will be issuing an all-new book from one of pop's most insightful and quintessentially English scribes. Americana will relay Ray Davies's remembrances about the US, the reasons he loves and doesn't love the country. According to Sterling, it will be "a very personal road trip through his life and storied career as a rock star, and reveals what music, fame, and America really mean to him" and that "Some of the most fascinating characters in recent pop culture make appearances, from the famous to the perhaps even-more-interesting behind-the-scenes players." 

An oddly specific topic for Ray Davies, but considering that his X-Ray remains one of the most delightful and well-written Rock star memoirs, I look forward to checking out Americana, which you can pre-order from Amazon.com now here:

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