Friday, April 5, 2013

Luke Skywalker Introduces The Beatles...well, the Cartoon Beatles

In the mid-eighties, I religiously watched re-runs of "The Beatles" cartoon on MTV every Saturday morning. Yes, it was corny, poorly animated, horribly voiced, terribly written, and pretty racist (there was always a steady flow of jabbering "Chinaman" stereotypes). It was also charming and fun in its crude way, and for teenaged me, it was a key spot to hear some of my future-favorite Beatlesongs for the first time ("And Your Bird Can Sing," "I'm Only Sleeping," "I'm Looking Through You," etc.).

During this MTV airing, two pop-cultural phenomena collided when Mark Hamill, the star of the biggest film series of all-time, hosted a crappy (charmingly crappy, to be clear) cartoon about the biggest Rock & Roll band of all-time. Hamill is apparently a big lifelong Beatles fan. He says that, as a kid, his ability to draw the cartoon Beatles got girls' attention (surely his dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair had nothing to do with it).

Apparently, the only remnant of Mark Hamill's 1987 "Beatles" cartoon hosting gig is the following one-minute video. Enjoy!

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