Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Season 2012… and the return of Psychobabble’s Essential Horror Movies!

Good eeeevening, and welcome to the return of the son of the bride of Psychobabble’s Halloween Season!

What? “It isn’t evening you,” say? Well, I never said it was, smart ass! I said it was eeeevening, and from now until the end of October, it shall be perpetual eeeeveninghere on Psychobabble. Oh yes, it shall.

All month long, the Retro Rock & Rollers will be retiring to their crypts (only to rise for the occasional review or news item) while the Groovy Ghouls will be given free range to party. They will party in this year’s revival of Diary of the Dead, and they will party their way through 30 additions to last years 120 Essential Horror Movies! Every day, I’ll be posting a new edition to the list, bringing it up to an even 150 by Halloween!

These additions will include films for which there simply wasn’t room on the original list, new ones released since I finished that list, oldies I’ve only recently discovered, and films I once thought were not up to the list’s standards but have recently reassessed, forcing me to conclude that my past opinions were wrong… dead wrong! Dead!

I've also revised and expanded many of the previous entries on the list.

So retreat if you are faint of heart (or allergic to awful, crypt-keeper-esque puns). But even the steel hearted may have to brace themselves for the creeping terror, the terrifying creepiness, the pungent menace, the unremitting goo of… Psychobabble’s Halloween Season 2012!

You’ve been warned…

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