Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reissues of 12 Beach Boys Classics Coming This September: Updated with Pre-Order info

On September 25, Capitol/EMI will be reissuing a remastered selection of twelve Beach Boys L.P.s. All of the '60s-era discs will be presented in mono and stereo, though it seems anyone looking for bonus tracks or exclusive singles such as "The Little Girl I Once Knew" is out of luck. The choice of albums is pretty questionable, too, considering that such essential platters as Wild Honey, Friends, and Holland are not in the line-up, which is as follows:

Capitol also has two new compilations, the single disc 50 Anniversary Greatest Hits set and a double disc box set called Greatest Hits: 50 Big Ones, scheduled for October 9.

Here are the track listings of the Single Disc Greatest Hits:

1. That's Why God Made The Radio
2. California Girls
3. Sloop John B
4. Wouldn't It Be Nice
5. Surfer Girl
6. Do It Again
7. Surfin' Safari
8. Surfin' U.S.A.
9. Don't Worry Baby
10. Little Deuce Coupe
11. I Get Around
12. Fun, Fun, Fun
13. Be True To Your School
14. Dance, Dance, Dance
15. All Summer Long
16. Help Me, Rhonda
17. Rock And Roll Music
18. God Only Knows
19. Good Vibrations
20. Kokomo

...and the box set...

Disc: 1
1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Surfin' Safari
4. Catch a Wave
5. Little Honda
6. Surfin' U.S.A.
7. Surfer Girl
8. Don't Worry Baby
9. Little Deuce Coupe
10. Shut Down
11. I Get Around
12. The Warmth of the Sun
13. Please Let Me Wonder
14. Wendy
15. Getcha Back
16. The Little Girl I Once Knew
17. When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)
18. It's OK
19. Dance, Dance, Dance
20. Do You Wanna Dance
21. Rock And Roll Music
22. Barbara Ann
23. All Summer Long
24. Help Me, Rhonda
25. Fun, Fun, Fun
Disc: 2
1. Kokomo
2. You're So Good To Me
3. Wild Honey
4. Darlin'
5. In My Room
6. All This Is That
7. This Whole World
8. Add Some Music To Your Day
9. Cotton Fields
10. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
11. Sail on, Sailor
12. Surf's Up
13. Friends
14. Heroes and Villains
15. I Can Hear Music
16. Good Timin'
17. California Saga (On My Way to Sunny Californ-I-A)
18. Isn't It Time (single version)
19. Kiss Me, Baby
20. That's Why God Made The Radio
21. Forever
22. God Only Knows
23. Sloop John B
24. Wouldn't It Be Nice
25. Good Vibrations
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