Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch “Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution” on Psychobabble!

“Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution” has long earned its place in history for Brian Wilson’s spellbinding solo performance of “Surf’s Up” captured during the days when SMiLE was still a possibility. That footage has found its way into numerous Beach Boys documentaries, but all 51 minutes of Leonard Bernstein’s T.V. special are packed with moments worth revisiting. Originally airing on April 25, 1967, “Inside Pop” is a charming, sometimes hilariously misguided, attempt to explain the appeal of Rock & Roll to parents. The show opens with Bernstein breaking down the unorthodox time signatures of The Beatles’ “Good Day Sunshine” and “She Said She Said” and the unusual harmonic structures of The Left Banke’s “Pretty Ballerina” and The Monkees’ “I’m a Believer”, complete with the conductor’s own off-key renditions of the songs. Bernstein headbanging along with “Love You To” and “Paint It Black” is not to be missed.
The show proceeds with a bevy of oddities, from Janis Ian singing “Society’s Child” along with reel-to-reel backing to a Teenbopper blatantly bootlegging a Herman's Hermits show to Graham Nash and Peter Noone getting totally wasted and debating whether or not Donovan has the power to stop all war. Graham Gouldman, Frank Zappa, Roger McGuinn (still Jim!), and Frank Cook from Canned Heat weigh in too, as do members of less well-remembered acts like The UFO and The Gentle Soul. One must wonder what Lenny was thinking when he decided to focus on the sex, drug, and social revolution content of pop lyrics in order to convert parents, but that’s just another delightful element of an utterly delightful time capsule. Watch it below:

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