Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-order and Track Info Are Up for Reissue of the McCartney's 'Ram'

Last week, Psychobabble reported that Paul and Linda McCartney's vastly underrated 1971 album Ram is due for rerelease this Spring. A lot more information on this release has since emerged.

The album will be issued in a number of CD and Vinyl formats, but the goldmine is to be found in the 4-CD + DVD edition, which gathers the original album in stereo and mono (each presented on its own disc), a disc of eight bonus tracks ("Another Day", "Oh Woman, Oh Why", "Little Woman Love", " Love for You (Jon Kelly remix)", "Hey Diddle (Dixon Van Winkle Mix)", "Great Cock And Seagull Race (Dixon Van Winkle Mix)", "Rode All Night", and "Sunshine Sometime (Earliest Mix)"), and the bizarre 1977 album Thrillington by "Percy Thrillington" (aka: Paul and Linda McCartney), which reimagined the original album as a series of orchestra-embellished instrumentals. The DVD presents five featurettes about the album and a bonus selection of promo jingles.

All five editions-- the 5-disc "deluxe book" edition, the single and double-disc CDs, and the double- stereo and mono vinyl LPs are all due for May 22. You can pre-order each version from with the following links:

Thanks to the Second Disc for this scoop.
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