Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free 'Yellow Submarine' E-Book at iTunes

I'm no proponent of ebooks. As far as I'm concerned, staring at some handheld gizmo will never take the place of turning the papers of an actual, physical book made of dead trees. But a great deal is a great deal, and free is the greatest deal of all. Yellow Submarine is the greatest psychedelic, Rock & Roll, pop art cartoon of them all, so iTunes free offer of an interactive Yellow Submarine book must be pretty great. Well, almost. While this book featuring "14 full-color video clips from the original 1968 film, audio clips from relevant Beatles songs and Sir George Martin's film score, original dialogue from the film, plus interactive features (Mojo.com)" is available for free download on iTunes, it is not actually viewable in iTunes. Of course, you probably own an iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch, which means you do own a device that will allow you to view this neat, free offer. Meanwhile, I'll continue attempting to download it to my old paperback copy of Moby Dick.

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