Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Revenge of Psychobabble’s Halloween Season!

Feel that bite in the air? Hear those skeletal branches tapping against your window? Smell those pumpkins burning? See those zombies zombing? All this can only mean one thing… it’s October, Psychobabble is celebrating its third anniversary, and Halloween Season Unsanity is back! That’s three things, but let’s not get bogged down in details, because Halloween Season is not about details. It’s about Werewolves! And Vampires! And Witches! And Frankensteins!

So what horrific horribility lays in wait for you this month? Well, feast your face on these nuggets of terror!!!

*The Ghastly Conclusion of Psychobabble’s 120 Essential Horror Movies!
*The Mind-Boggling Madness of The Twilight Zone: A-Z!!
*The Anthologized Agony of Psychobabble’s 10 Most Petrifying Portmanteau Episodes!!!
*The Repugnant Return of Diary of the Dead!!!!
*A Very Special Poll that Places an Unholy Degree of *Power into Your Highly Unqualified Hands!!!!!!!!

Plus there will continue to be the usual forays into Retro Rock & Roll-related news and reviews. But they will be written exclusively in Mummy Blood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psychobabble will also be taking part in the annual Countdown to Halloween Blogstravaganza for its second year. You will know this by the neat-o Christopher-Lee-as-the-Frankenstein-Monster badge proudly displayed in the sidebar. Click it to peruse a gaggle of other fab Halloweeny resources.

That’s not enough for you? You want more? Be careful what you wish for, because there might be more! There might not be more, but in the event there is… be careful! Seriously. Be careful. Psychobabble is not legally responsible for any Psychobabble-related deaths.
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