Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Help Psychobabble Choose the 120th Most Essential Horror Movie!

Help! As you may know, Psychobabble has been running down a highly subjective list of 120 Essential Horror Movies since last April. Now that the end is in sight, a brick wall of epic proportions has suddenly shot up from the ground and stopped me dead in my tracks. You see, in my finite wisdom, I was only able to decide upon 119 movies!

So Psychobabble needs your help in deciding upon number 120! Leer over at the sidebar and take a gander at Psychobabble’s 120th Essential Horror Movie Poll and give me the assistance I so desperately need. Which one of these movies do you think deserves to join Jaws, Frankenstein, An American Werewolf in London, and the rest among this site’s canon of creeptacular classics?

*You may notice that some of your personal favorites are missing from both the master list and the above selection of potential addendums. Although I fully support your zeal for Friday the 13th, Seven, and The Last House on the Left, I do not share it, which would make writing an argument in favor of their essentialness rather difficult for me. The movies on this poll are ones I personally believe to be worthy contenders. I just need your help in narrowing them down.

*Commenting “None of these are essential! You’re an asshole, Segretto! Friday the 13th Part XXIII: Jason Eats a Hoagy is better than all these movies combined!” is both hilarious and insightful, but it does nothing to solve the issue at hand. Let’s stay on topic here, folks!

*The Poll Closes on October 21st. I’ll post my commentary on the winner on October 24th. The final installment of Psychobabble’s 120 Essential Horror Movies goes up on the 26th.
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