Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Stones Avalanche: 'Some Girls' Deluxe and The Rolling Stones CompleteEd Sullivan Performances

As The Rolling Stones gear up for their 50th Anniversary next year, the Stones news is piling up. Last week Psychobabble reported that Eagle Rock Entertainment has a Some Girls era live DVD and CD in the works for a November 21st release. Now it seems a deluxe version of Some Girls will appear that same day. According to The Second Disc "Jagger told German television network ZDF that 'I’ve just been in the studio finishing some outtakes from 1978 … They’re going to be released [on] a rerelease of Some Girls. So these are going to be some 10 extra tracks from that time [that] were never released. Some of them had no vocals, so I had to do the vocals again. I did the same thing on Exile on Main Street'.”

While we wait for that release to materialize, there's Sofa Entertainment's DVD sets collecting The Stones' performances on The Ed Sullivan Show. First up is a budget set scheduled for an October 4th release, which collects four shows from 1965-1967. A more complete collection gathering six appearances from 1964-1969 will appear on November 1st. As was the case with The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles, the DVDs will not only include the Rock & Roll you bought them for, but all the acrobats, corny comedians, jugglers, and puppets that filled out the remainder of Ed's funky old show. In some cases, the non-Stones segments are genuinely intriguing: a 1964 appearance from Dusty Springfield, The Muppets performing a "Rock 'n' Roll Routine" in '66, Louis Armstrong singing "Cabaret" in that very episode, a couple of songs from Petula Clark and an encore from The Muppets in '67, and Ella Fitzgerald doing her Ella Fitzgerald thing in '69.

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